H&M’s Mistake Could Have Been Avoided By Using Centiment

Throughout the ages, some of the worst parts of humanity have been seen because people could not understand, empathize and agree with one another. Societal unrest stems from an inability to understand others point of view.

Today, this is more evident than ever across all walks of society, and the marketing and advertising sectors are not immune. This week’s H+M brand crisis, along with the Pepsi and Dove debacles from last year, punctuate the paramount importance of this issue.

As empathy and inclusion continue to emerge as two of the most important guideposts for brands in the year ahead, marketers emotionally responsibility has never been more important. As talk of using AI and other technologies to further automate the marketing and advertising functions ensues at a frenetic pace, maybe this week’s latest misstep should encourage us all to take a beat—one which allows us to reflect on how such an insensitive brand expression by H+M could have been avoided entirely.

The following images reflect the response that would have been gleaned by the H+M marketing team if they had used Centiment’s neurodata insights to guide their content creation process, as opposed to just AI, or other technology alone. Centiment is neuro-powered advertising and marketing technology built to do good. For the first time in human history, we have the ability to quantify, measure and understand human thought.

H&M Monkey

It is clear by the visual above that one of the missing components brands are lacking today is the emotional literacy required to compete effectively in today’s market. As such, agencies and marketers must enable solutions that place emotional intelligence at the beginning of the creative process of invention. The age of empathy has clearly arrived.

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