The Internet of Everything

Physical & Digital Worlds Collide The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything

In the era of #WeCommerce no trend is as pervasive as the Internet of All Things. I like to just simply say the Internet of Everything, as wherever you are and with whatever you are doing, the line between the physical and digital worlds is slowly but surely evaporating.

Whether it’s the founders of the smart home like Google Nest, or players like Bluebite who partnered with Samsung to enable Out-of-Home advertising media with NFC to promote its new Galaxy S3 phone and create Samsung-envy for non-NFC handset owners, many of today’s boldest innovators are heading us quickly towards a world of limitless immersion.And celebrities aren’t too far away from beginning to capitalize on the trend. Despite the PULS Internet of Everything device that received mixed reviews, it’s highly likely that the new celebrity product craze-one that has even Ellen Degeneres selling branded housewares, will soon make its way into the wearable world of physical and digital mashups.Perhaps what’s greatest about the Internet of Everything is the irony of it. Why? Because at its heart it truly isn’t tech overload, but a bright new way for us to remain connected while also being untethered. Technology perhaps at its finest.

We will increasingly seek opportunities that make us less tethered to technology and more empowered by the freedom it provides-making us less isolated and communicative. As a result the worlds of the physical and digital will begin to increasingly coalesce. Additionally, technology that succeeds will likely emerge as wearable; capable of offering technological discovery, while doing so mobiley.  Wearables will take over every part of the landscape, infiltrating itself into industries ranging from technology, to health, to retail. And what we will see with wearables, is one of the first industries to be driven forward by celebrity brand entrepreneurs. Just as Wil.iam went from being chief creative officer of Intel to chief x of x, to creator of the first celebrity fit-bit device…Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore,Ellen Degeneres and the other litany of celebrity brands gestating, will leverage this new area of technology, which is in essence the next phase of the website or app, to lead a new frontier forward.The combination of underserved industries like healthcare, with the might of power celebrities, will serve to demonstrate the power of accessibility that empowers and unites, in the new House of We.

Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting edge communications consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals to produce innovative, creative and passionate dialogues with target communities, consumers and employees, while blazing a trail toward new models of artful, responsible, and sustainable business success. Billee is a veteran communications executive in brand development, trend forecasting, strategic media relations, and C-suite executive positioning. She has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WeCommerce due out in Fall 2015 as well as a blog entitled the #HouseofWe dedicated to curating the trends driving our economy forward.

You can read more about “WE-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate, and Succeed in the Sharing Economy” right here!

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