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Sharing Economy: The Shift From ME to WE

The shift from ME to WE that is occurring at every level in our culture and current Weconomy has the potential to provide for the vision of a global village that the idealistic sixties dreamed of, but could never manage to implement. With today’s technology, the Utopian hopes of our last age of Creative Destruction, can, with proper stewardship, be realized, along with the best values of that era: peace, love, ecology, freedom of expression, responsible business practices, and an economy based on quality, shared abundance, justice, and a reverence for the earth.

Over the last several years, we have seen experiences trumping products more and more each day. Brands who could provide day-to-day offerings that extended beyond the actual product or service were able to stand out in a sea of commodification. In the new world order, there will be a new “e” in town and that e stands for value driven emotion.

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As the world unites in pursuit of a common good that rewards the many over the few, the idea of creating experiences that elicit pure emotion surrounding the vintage values of peace, empathy, love, and joy that will become the fundamental business competency of the age. At this juncture, despite all of the global strife we are currently witnessing, the trends of our economy point toward a coming global age of cooperation, understanding, and collaboration.

The further we move away from 2008, the further and further we will move away from a world powered by money, to a world powered by shared experiences. With the democratizing power of technology, which offers everyone a voice and a chance at creation, it is pride in creation that will be our first priority, and the money that comes along with it…well it just comes.

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As we enter year seven of the new world order that has unfolded since 2008, we can see more and more of the idealistic re-imagination that took shape in the weeks and months after the crash, appearing before our eyes. The future is taking hold rapidly, and can lead us to a better place, if we let it.

Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting edge communications consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals to produce innovative, creative and passionate dialogues with target communities, consumers and employees, while blazing a trail toward new models of artful, responsible, and sustainable business success. Billee is a veteran communications executive in brand development, trend forecasting, strategic media relations, and C-suite executive positioning. She has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WeCommerce due out in Fall 2015 as well as a blog entitled the #HouseofWe dedicated to curating the trends driving our economy forward. You can read more about “WE-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate, and Succeed in the Sharing Economy” right here!

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