Sharing Economy Trends

Innovation & Regulation: Not Quite a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Type of Story

Sharing Economy  Trends

The sharing economy’s most vital engine, now commonly called “the uber x” model, is powering our global business landscape.

No longer just for car service or hotels anymore, the new era of collaborative commerce is fueling everything from food to fashion. As digital ecosystems continue to grow into their own fiefdoms, making once unattainable luxuries now accessible to the masses, many of the world’s global citizenry has fallen under their sway.

As such, much has been made of the regulatory hurdles these new business models powered by We-Commerce bring, but astute minds recognize that such obstacles are not insurmountable as the world of policy and law just needs to catch up to the pace of business innovation. Is this really a new paradigm? I think not.

Uber is just the latest example of the historical brush-ups that arise between innovation and regulation. Instead of responding to a new kind of competitor with better services with delight, it is no surprise the highly regulated taxi and limousine companies in every city Uber has entered have instead tried to assure their survival not by reinvention but by trying to ban Uber’s existence.

Sharing Economy Billee Howard

The New York Times magazine even dedicated a recent major cover story to uncover why state and local regulators globally are trying to declare the service in violation of decades-old laws outlawing unlicensed ride services. While this is certainly annoying and a bit disheartening in an era powered by the disruptive thoughts of the many not the few, it is not all together surprising as innovation and regulation are the farthest thing from a chocolate in my peanut butter moment than one could ever imagine

Billee Howard is the Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting edge communications consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals to produce innovative, creative and passionate dialogues with target communities, consumers and employees, while blazing a trail toward new models of artful, responsible, and sustainable business success. Billee is a veteran communications executive in brand development, trend forecasting, strategic media relations, and C-suite executive positioning. She has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WeCommerce due out in Fall 2015 as well as a blog entitled the #HouseofWe dedicated to curating the trends driving our economy forward. You can read more about “WE-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate, and Succeed in the Sharing Economy” right here!



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