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Centiment + BRANDthropologie Media Introduce Emotional Intelligence Accelerator Platform

Centiment + BRANDthropologie Media Form Groundbreaking JV Powered by IBM Watson to Introduce Emotional Intelligence Accelerator Platform

First Application: Turnkey Solution Created for CMOs to Bring Brand Purpose to Life

Centiment, an IBM With Watson company at the forefront of neuroscience development for emotional intelligence, founded by a cadre of data science visionaries, and Brandthropologie Media, a boutique consultancy that harnesses creativity to solve business problems, with a focus on helping brands embrace cognitive technologies to best prepare them for the future, announced a joint venture. The alliance will unite the two firms enabling them to introduce an Emotional Intelligence Accelerator platform designed to help businesses catalyze their growth through a unique blend of AI, neuro-based technology and business consulting services.

“At Centiment, we strive on leveraging emotional cognition and artificial intelligence, such as IBM Watson, to help brands and their leadership understand and apply the power of emotional intelligence,” said Micah Brown, Founder and CEO of Centiment. “We are excited that our paths crossed with Brandthropologie around our mutual work with IBM Watson. Our partnership will enable us to further the application of our technology and reach new audiences by helping businesses of all kinds cultivate emotional engagement and realize the unprecedented results it can deliver.”

The inaugural offering of the JV will be the first-ever turnkey solution designed to help organizations bring brand purpose to life in ways that deliver enhanced financial performance.

The application called the AI Experience Studio will use the emotional intelligence AI offers to create a solution that enables CMOs to pull brand purpose and empathy into any customer journey. The goal of the solution, which is among the first-ever to infuse the creative process with the power of cognitive technology, will aim to create content experiences, for both internal and external audiences, that define distinction and fuel growth.

“The future of both business + brand will be built on an ability to harness emotional insights to drive innovation,” said Brandthropologie Founder + CEO Billee Howard. “We are thrilled to be joining with Centiment, the market leader in AI powered emotional intelligence, to bring our new offering to the market at a time when the C-Suite is struggling to find the best means of harnessing cognitive technology across discipline and function to instigate growth.”

The new Emotional Intelligence Accelerator platform is built upon a future powered by Augmented Intelligence, which is the idea that machines will enhance man’s abilities, not replace them. Using this concept, the AI Experience Studio, will reverse engineer what we know about story trajectories and their empathic through-lines, to create narrative frameworks that land right in the sweet spot of emotional engagement.

The solution will help brands create more experiential approaches to marketing and storytelling that convey an organization’s purpose in ways that connect and inspire. The goal will be to operationalize brand purpose, transforming it from a critical driver of not just brand, but overall business performance.

“Purpose today is being embraced by the world’s top business leaders as a vital component of long-term business strategy, innovation and growth. The confluence of business stepping up to take more responsibility around societal issues, and consumer’s desire for more authentic and emotionally engaging experiences, has created a powerful new paradigm shift which is dramatically transforming the way business is done,” commented Todd Myers, Partner and CSO of Brandthropologie. “We are excited to be able to marry our firm’s legacy in both creativity and business consulting, with Centiment’s best-in-class technology, to bring our first end-to-end business solution to market, that while brand focused, will be directly tied to business performance.”

The alliance of the two firms was created as a result of the vision of IBM Developer Luke Schantz who worked with both companies independently, and then saw the power in uniting both teams to imagine a future of business, that is fueled by the emotional intelligence cognitive technology can offer.

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Centiment, an IBM With Watson company, strives to provide true understanding and insights by productizing research emerging in the field of data science and neuroscience. As a company in the forefront of cognitive analysis, Centiment aims to bridge formerly distant groups together in the hopes of cultivating innovation and fostering collaboration. Beginning with resolving the divide between people, marketers and the C-Suite, Centiment is in the business of cultivating innovation through simplifying the process of comprehending data and streamlining insights. The firm is committed to transforming both business and brand through the disruptive power that emotional intelligence can offer. www.centiment.ioIBM WatsonAbout BRANDthropologie Media

BRANDthropologie Media is a pioneering consultancy dedicated to harnessing creativity to solve business problems. The firm identifies the most powerful collision point of culture and commerce for each client to help articulate their brand purpose in ways that define distinction and create captivating story-driven experiences that instigate emotional engagement with both internal + external audiences. Brandthropologie is committed to helping brands transform storytelling into a vital business competency that drives toward both authentic engagement and desired business outcomes. We believe in leveraging the power of cognitive technology and emotional intelligence to help the C-Suite define the future of business.  www.brandthropologie.com