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    In WE-Commerce, visionary marketing strategist Billee Howard lays out her plan for a new vision of success and long-term, purposeful profitability in the new global, sharing economy.

    Download a chapter, see the release party and read what people are saying in our excellent business book reviews.


    Today, the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs thrive through connectivity, socialization, and sharing. It is an age of WE-Commerce, an economy centered on the power of “we” instead of “me,” focused on the needs of the many over the few. Booming companies such as Uber and Airbnb leverage technology to create platforms that rely largely on social media and community feedback to facilitate people’s ability to collaborate with one another. Instead of traditional business strategies, companies must now inspire belief and trust in their communities; collaborate with their customers; create business models that are socially and environmentally responsible; find opportunities for creative collaboration with large, global markets; and become a new generation of innovators—“artists of business.”

    With advice from “stay small but include all” to “profit with purpose” and “embrace disruption,” Billee Howard gives readers the reinvented business toolkit that they will need to effectively collaborate, co-create, and succeed in a WE-Commerce landscape, and to acquire a new set of skills that will position them as leaders in the transformed economy.

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      Talk About WE-Commerce

      Frank Rose-one of our We-Commerce business book reviews

      Frank Rose

      Journalist & Author of Art Of Immersion
      Senior fellow, Columbia University School of the Arts

      “When it comes to brand-building in the digital age, Billee Howard is one of the savviest people around—and in WE-Commerce she puts the lie to the notion that the most connected generation is somehow the most self-absorbed.”

      Tammy Tibbets-one of our We-Commerce business book reviews

      Tammy Tibbetts

      President & Founder, She’s The First

      “If you didn’t read every blog and magazine about innovation in business these past few years, have no fear — just read Billee’s book and she’ll bring you up to speed! WE-Commerce is your fast-track guide to making the most of the exciting era we are living in.”

      Bonin Bough-one of our We-Commerce business book reviews

      Bonin Bough

      Host, Cleveland Hustles, CNBC

      “Billee Howard lays out a plan for finding new roads to success in the sharing economy through creativity, disruptive thinking and collaboration. WE-Commerce is a great tool for senior leaders to figure out how to place their brands at the epicenter of culture and commerce in ways that harness the power of digital storytelling to find new paths to profitability.”

      Bob Davis-one of our We-Commerce business book reviews

      Bob Davis

      Highland Capital Partners & Former CEO of Lycos

      “Billee Howard has created the ultimate handbook for how to do business in the sharing economy.   Read it, learn from it and put it to use before you wake up one day and find out your competitors have left you in their wake.”

      Bill Holstein-one of our We-Commerce business book reviews

      Bill Holstein

      International business journalist and author of ‘The Next American Economy: Blueprint For a Real Recovery.

      “Throughout her career, Billee Howard has had a remarkable knack for positioning herself at the cutting edge of branding and understanding how new forms of media are changing the essential compact between producers and consumers of goods and services. In this book, she has once again nailed it. Relying on examples as diverse as honeybees and Andy Warhol, Howard makes a convincing case that producers and consumers are now linked in ecosystems in which the consumers don’t just consume–they must help create products they are passionate about.”

      Mary Wolff

      Marty Wolff

      Business Builders Show host

      “The book was OUTSTANDING! This book was my best read of 2015 in terms of educating and challenging me. I loved Billee’s style and stories.”

      J.B. Maverick, Investopia

      J.B. Maverick


      “Innovative and world-renowned marketing strategist Billee Howard provides readers with her calculated strategy for long-term success and profitability as the sharing economy continues to expand globally. Howard’s reinvention of the business toolkit includes every aspect that individuals need in order to collaborate, co-create, become successful and facilitate success for others in an economic climate built on peer-to-peer connectivity.”

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